5 Awesome Examples Of (IoT) Internet Of Things

In this fast paced and advanced technological era, technology is evolving at a very tremendous speed. Gone were the days where the first generation of computer is as huge as a building compare to present time, whereby anyone can carry a small, portable yet lightweight pocket-size computer where ever they go. Humans are constantly pushing the limits of technology and breaking the boundaries of how we implement technology in our daily lives. The internet has become a part of our lives which we can’t live without it. Smart living has already been implemented to make our lives easier and smarter to go about. The internet of things (IoT) is one of the best examples of smart living in this present and future years to come. Here are the 5 examples of (IoT) Internet Of Things that will change the way we live:

round grey speaker on brown board

  1. Google Home

Google Home is a smart speaker cum home assistant developed by Google. It is a voice-activated speaker whereby user can interact with the device. Google’s smart speaker allows users to browser the World Wide Web just by talking to it. Users can also synchronize their google account to the Google Home for music playback, google photos or videos and also smart home device integration which will transform your house into a smart home. The device is connected to your home network which will then communicate with Google’s database to launch it’s personal assistant named Google Assistant.

black amazon echo on table

2. Amazon Alexa

Alexa is a smart speaker which has almost the same function of the Google Home. It was developed by Amazon themselves which is capable of doing cool stuff by using voice commands. It is able to set alarms, to-do listing/notes, music playback, play audio books and even purchase items off Amazon’s website all by just a simple command. Alexa can also be a smart home system to control any smart appliances in your house which is connected to the internet.

Philips Hue

3. Philips Hue

As you know, Philips is famous for it’s electrical appliances. But what is so special about this particular bulb? It is a smart bulb build by Philips with the goal of smart living which allow users to have customization and control of the environment in their house. Philips Hue smart bulb is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant which will change the way you live. There are 16 million of colors to choose from to suit your mood and create a prefect ambience in your home.

Google Glass

4. Google Glass

Google Glass is another smart invention done by Google which is basically a smart glass with a head-up display for users to see and interact with. Once you pair-up your glasses with your smartphone, it will display any types of notifications on your phone through the glass without you touching your phone. It uses voice commands and also hand gestures to navigate around the interface for a more immersive feeling. Users can read and replay messages, take a photo or even shoot a video by just talking to your Glass.


5. Fitbit

Fitbit is an American based company which specializes in fitness tracking smart watch. The combination of wearable technology and watches has lead to the success of this company. Fitbit devices is able to measure an individual’s heart rate, calories, steps count and even the quality of your sleep to have a better and healthy lifestyle. Fitbit is supported on both Android and IoS operating system which is available on Google Play and App Store.


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