HTTP sites “not secure” by Google Chrome?

As we all know, privacy and security is one of the top main concerns in big conglomerates companies like Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and Google. Google has recently released a latest patch for it browser, Google Chrome 68. Chrome is now labeling any website which runs on HTTP as “not secure”, but why?

Google is making effort and improving the World Wide Web to have more securities when users are browsing the net. This also forces all those websites who are still currently using HTTP to upgrade and strengthen their webpages. Besides that, users who are browsing the internet will feel secure and assured that their personal and sensitive information is secured and well taken care of.



Differences Between HTTP and HTTPS

HTTP is known as the Hypertext Transfer Protocol which is the foundation of data transmission and communication for the World Wide Web. If you are browsing a website over HTTP, the connection from the site to your laptop is not secure and encrypted. Black hat hackers can perform “man-in-the-middle” attacks to gain access to your personal computers, divert you to a malicious website, steal online transactions or even copy your private information.



HTTPS is known as an extension of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol. The ‘S’ stands for secure communication over the computer network and the website. The communication protocol is encrypted using TLS (Transport Layer Security) formerly known as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This is to protect the integrity and privacy of the data during the transmission process. Click here to get the latest version of Google Chrome.




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