By Alison Loh, Vicky Chong, Esther Tiang
Photos by Rebecca Liew


Abortion, a procedure that terminates another innocent life has been a taboo topic in many countries since the earlier centuries. In Malaysia, the subject is rarely discussed.  Hence, how do women end their unwanted pregnancies?

pic 1

A model holds a positive pregnancy test depicting that the results may not always be a good sign for a woman.


pic 2

An image of a used condom with contains depicts one of the causes of surprise pregnancies. It is  a cause that may lead a woman to commit an abortion.


pic 3

The parts of a suction utensil used in the first trimester in a surgical abortion.


pic 4

A half apple with a scissors in its core depicts a woman’s abortion procedure at the second or third trimester of pregnancy.


pic 5

A packet of abortion pills are placed and surrounded by parts of a dismembered foetus.


pic 6

A model poses as a victim of back alley abortion that commonly uses hangers as one the medical utensils for abortion.


pic 7

An unripe papaya is placed in front of a model with blood depicting that harshness of the fruit towards a pregnant woman. The fruit contains a type of latex that is capable of melting the uterine lining in the womb thus inducing a miscarriage in a pregnancy.


pic 8

A gas drink is poured onto a pineapple fruit with blood flowing down the ground depicts the consequences towards a pregnant woman.


pic 9

A picture of a model holding a skipping rope depicting of the consequences of vigorous exercise towards a pregnancy.





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