Title: An independent call girl

pic1During the night life around the red light district area, it is a norm to see different types of prostitute such as the independent call girl to prey around for customers. In this picture, it seems that she managed to capture a customer by showing off their body, mostly their upper chest and sexual touches so that the customer is interested.


Title: A disguise

pic2Since the prostitution center is located near to each other, the competition to attract customers is high. Strategies and disguise have to be used in order to increase their profits. This picture shows that a lady is disguising as a normal employee, finding customers to enter their restaurant where they provide a more discreet sex services.


Title: A boutique hotel that prostitutes visit regularly

pic3There are lots of cheap hotels nearby all the red light districts for easy access for the prostitutes and also the clients.


Title: A little boost to push!

pic4As a sex worker , strength is needed for them to give services for the entire night. Supplements such as viagra and popper and many more is being sold publicly to both the workers and customers.


Title: The wait

pic5As for the types of people who works as an escort employee or a bar escort, the workers are not able to roamĀ  the streets of the red light district as their space of luring customers is limited to only the area of their shop. Therefore, the workers will wait alongside of the walkway calling and attracting customers into their bars and clubs.


Title: A risk for a penny

pic6To be able to stand bravely ,showing who they are publicly is a huge risk. The law forbids this service as it is illegal but in order to earn for a living, prostitutes would take any chances and risk to feed for themselves.


Title: The more the merrier, the sexier the better

pic7Short, tight and low cleavages clothes are something that prostitutes would wear, showing their chests to attract the attention of people nearby. Usually they would go in a group as it shows a more uplifting atmosphere when the prostitute catcalls passerby.





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